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Get the latest news on the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination coalition – and keep up with all of the ways, large and small, that mayors are standing up against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity!

Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility March 30, 2018 Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination is proud to celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31. It is essential to elevate and amplify the voices of transgender people as they seek full, lived equality throughout the country.
Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Oppose Anti-Transgender Military Ban from White House March 26, 2018 "As mayors, we oppose the transgender military ban that would weaken our military, contradict the values that we stand for as Americans, and be devastating to transgender service members and their families. The Administration is wasting valuable time and resources by targeting talented and dedicated soldiers for discrimination."
Minneapolis Mayor Speaks Out for LGBTQ Equal Treatment Following Historic Election March 14, 2018 Mayor Frey has a history of allying with the LGBTQ community and has worked for many years to make positive change in the North Star State.
Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Welcomes New Members As We Move Toward 300! January 29, 2018 Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination is proud to welcome 19 new mayors to our coalition.
Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Welcomes First South Dakota Mayor to the Coalition January 25, 2018 Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination is excited to announce that Mayor Mike Huether of SIoux Falls has become South Dakota’s first mayor to join the bipartisan coalition of mayors who support LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination protections.
On 1-Year Anniversary, Mayors Gather in Person to Discuss 2018 Plans and Reflect on Year of Momentum January 25, 2018  Today, January 25, dozens of members of Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination gathered in Washington, D.C. for the 2018 Meeting of the coalition, which coincides with the coalition's 1-year anniversary and the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting.
Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Celebrates One Year Anniversary January 19, 2018 This week Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination, the national coalition of mayors who support comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its official launch.
Welcome to 5 New Mayors Standing Against Discrimination in Our Coalition! December 18, 2017 5 new Mayors have signed our Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Pledge, promising to stand up for comprehensive non-discrimination protections in their municipalities and across the country.
Remembering & Mourning San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Coalition Founder December 12, 2017 Mayor Lee was committed to taking a stand for the dignity and respect of all of his constituents, including LGBT people, and the impact of his good work has been felt across the country for decades. We send his family and loved ones our deepest condolences.
30+ Mayors Sign Open Statement Supporting LGBTQ Non-Discrimination As Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument December 5, 2017 As the United States Supreme Court hears oral arguments in a landmark discrimination case that could have far-reaching consequences for LGBTQ Americans, 30+ mayors from across the country are uniting to show their support for nondiscrimination measures that ensure all Americans are treated fairly and equally.
Mayors Herald LGBTQ Protections in Municipal Equality Index Release November 2, 2017 Mayors across the country – including many members of the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination coalition – are assessing their city’s record on LGBTQ equality through the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index, which recently released its 2017 edition.
Mayors from All Corners of the Country File Landmark Supreme Court Brief Defending LGBTQ Non-Discrimination October 29, 2017 The cities brief argues that local laws are necessary to both address significant harms against LGBTQ residents, and to benefit LGBTQ residents and their communities.
Mayors Announce Strong Opposition to Mississippi’s HB1523, Nation’s Most Extreme Anti-LGBTQ Law October 11, 2017 "Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination strongly opposes Mississippi's HB 1523, which is one of the most sweeping, egregious anti-LGBTQ laws in the country."
Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Condemns Department of Justice’s License to Discriminate October 6, 2017 "As elected officials, our role is to protect our residents fairly and equally – and that includes protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination. This guidance from the Trump Administration undercuts that responsibility and underlines the importance of local and state leaders standing up for full equality.”
Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Respond to Trump Ban on Open Service for Transgender People July 27, 2017 President Donald Trump announced this week in a series of tweets that he is re-instating the ban on open service in the military by transgender Americans, stating that transgender individuals will not be allowed to serve "in any capacity."