Quotes from Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination

Across the country, mayors are standing up against anti-LGBT discrimination! Whether they live in small towns or large cities, in urban hubs or rural areas, in states with strong LGBT protections or states with none at all, this broad-based bipartisan coalition represents nearly 200 voices supporting LGBT non-discrimination. Here are just some of the reasons mayors are speaking out:

Mayor Muriel Bowser
When the District of Columbia passed an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, our city again stood up for fairness, equality, and dignity for all of our residents. But when members of our community travel outside of Washington, DC on vacation or on business, they continue to face potential discrimination and a patchwork of unequal laws. It's time now for other cities, states, and the entire country to embrace LGBT nondiscrimination protections so no one faces unfair treatment simply because of who they are. Mayor Muriel Bowser District of Columbia Coalition Co-Chair
Mayor Jim Kenney
The city of Philadelphia is committed to being a fair and inclusive place where all people feel welcome, and this includes passing equal protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Full equality -- no matter who you are or who you love -- is not only good for our community; it’s the right thing to do. Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination will work to make fairness and inclusion a reality everywhere. Mayor Jim Kenney Philadelphia, PA Coalition Co-Chair
Mayor Ed Lee
I'm proud of San Francisco's long-standing commitment to advancing and protecting the rights of our LGBT community, and of the tremendous contributions we've made to LGBT culture, history, and advocacy in America. By opening our arms and welcoming everyone, San Francisco is a safer, more diverse and stronger city in part due to the invaluable members of our LGBT community. Mayor Ed Lee San Francisco, CA Coalition Founder & Co-Chair
Mayor Ed Murray
I am committed to Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination because Seattle has long ensured full protections of our LGBT friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues—which makes our community strong, diverse, and economically vibrant. As a long-time state legislator and Seattle’s first openly gay mayor, it has been a priority of mine to fight for inclusion and LGBT equality. During a time when LGBT rights are again under attack nationally, we must stand up against discrimination and fight for equal treatment of all people in every community, town, and city in America. Mayor Ed Murray Seattle, WA Coalition Co-Chair